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Sinners or liars review by Jenny Tate

“Thrash metal founded in 2009, Bloodfield were bonded by a collaborative partnership between Simone, drummer and Atillio, bassist, who, following a significant absence from the music scene, began playing Slayer, Testament and Kreator covers together. Some changes took place, within the band, resulting in some line-up additions, in places and instruments change-overs, in others. The first songs followed. Within these songs, are the technical elements of old school thrash.

6:16 – Clank! That intro just put me in mind of a prison cell door being clanked shut. There’s certainly an intensely heavy vibe to this, rather like a ton weight of lead being dropped on the ground in front of you. Combine that with the spooky, sinister background sound and there, you have a recipe for heavy metal of the steel girders variety. Imagine a construction site, laying down the heaviest materials imaginable, with brute strength and that’s the feel of 6:16.

Greed – Fucking hell, that’s some heavy shit! Well, they weren’t kidding when they said this stuff was impulsive, heavy thrash. It fits the bill like a glove. Battering ram territory, with speed, precision riffs, roared vocals, deep, dark bass line and an overall sensation of having been blasted to kingdom come. This’ll resonate with fans of Obsidian and Spreading The Disease.

Envy – Banging intro, of epic heaviness. Loaded with sheer power riffs, with which Slayer would be at home. Some pretty good vocal harmonies here, with plenty of heavy grit. A steamroller’s just rolled in and decimated the scene. Thunderous beat, with rhythmic perfection and acute timing.

Gluttony – A pure battering drum volley, introing. A very Testament-esque song, highly energised and precise. Marvel at the technical brilliance of these riffs and the absolute power of its’ Slayer-esque ending. Sounds like a combo of the best bits of ‘Days Of Darkness’ and ‘Seasons In The Abyss’. What’s not to like about that?

Sloth – Blitzing it’s way onto the scene, the melody’s taken a stronger position here. Filtering into the vocals, though somewhat disturbing, lyrically, it makes great use of the creative space to inject a more melodic vocal approach, yet still loses none of its gritty, heavy appeal. Those riffs are incredibly sustained, with such powerful momentum. Drum work to behold as stuff of genius, there’s just a really crisp, burning attack about the whole song.

Sinners Or Liars – Opening with a preacher’s voice, orating biblical quotes, followed by a rapid thrash metal take-over. This really is pure old school thrash. Intriguingly philosophical lyrics and another burning hot feel to the performance. Some very tasty riffs in there, another intensely heavy volley of drums and impassioned vocals, dripping with enthusiasm and laced with metal.

Pride – Bang crash intro! Straight into battle, with an epically heavy performance. There’s a catchiness to this, which’ll hook you in no time. More of that glorious Testament-esque stuff that delights the senses and sensibilities of all metallers. An uplifting vibe, whilst retaining that ingrained, ubiquitous heaviness and closing on another Slayer-esque section. Just immense.

Wrath – Not missing a beat, opening up the metal experience, so completely that you may just feel and visualise your own metal heart opening up, to allow it in. Great fast pace, melodic sound and rhythm, with such catchiness about it, you’ll just want to escape into it.

Lust – Moving in a new direction, initially, introing with a quieter, more reflective section, incorporating light percussion, it then moves into another metallic feast. Nice use of ‘Tallica-esque stop-start sections and including some brilliantly uplifting tones, the momentum of sheer intensity is truly amazing. As is their fluid movement, from one sound and rhythm to another. Finishing with a gradual quietening, to acoustic and whispered lyrics, this will leave its’ mark.

Overall – Simply stunning. Sizzling hot metallic passion and fury is thoroughly embedded throughout. It’ll singe its way into your memory, leaving an imprint of burning hot coals, for all eternity. The sheer intensity, speed and heaviness alone is mind blowing, but add to that, the incredibly perfected Testament and Slayer sounds and it really is sensational. Invite Bloodfield to your barbecue and the food’ll soon go up in smoke.

8/10 ********

For fans of Spreading The Disease, Obsidian, Slayer, Testament and Pantera.”


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